Monday Links to Love

or being a teacher

In case you haven’t noticed, my little blog is becoming quite neglected. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about my space here, it’s just that I haven’t had time. The kindergartners are keeping me much busier than I thought but I’m hopeful that we’ll all be on track by the end of this week. Teaching little five year olds is a new experience and while it’s great, it’s just consuming other parts of my life for right now. But don’t fear, my goal is to be back on the regular by the end of September with outfits galore and fall fun. Until then, cross your fingers that my little ones all stop falling in toilets, tattling on each other every five seconds, and learn to properly use scissors and pencils before I go crazy. Happy Monday!

* Will be using these bedtime techniques to get some much needed beauty sleep

* Though I haven’t been doing a very good job of it lately, I have a photo-a-day project for this year and this handkerchief photo journal project would be the perfect compliment

* Get the perfect “fat” bun with this double braid bun tutorial

* Thanks Free People for a seasonal veggie shopping guide!

* Maya Angelou’s words of wisdom

* A gorgeous and unique Pennsylvania wedding

* Everyone’s talking about cooking with pumpkin and fall spices and I couldn’t pass up sharing this recipe for pumpkin risotto. Yum!


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