I Love and I Want These: Fall Shoes

Now that I am fully invested in the craziness of back to school time, which is a heck of a lot more stressful as the teacher than the student, I am starting to think of updates for my wardrobe. I still wish I could hold on to a few more lazy days of summer but I’ll have to console myself by thinking of all my favorite fall shoes. While in the summer I’m perpetually in flip flops or some variation of sandals, I like to spice it up in the fall with all sorts of different styles. Here are the shoes that I love and the ones I’m coveting.

I Love

Thunderbird Boat Sole

Thunderbird Boat Sole Moccasin by Minnetonka

I’ve been wearing the classic Minnetonka Thunderbird moccasin since I was in kindergarten and I’ve been thinking about wearing them on my first day as a kindergarten teacher. Nothing says fall to me more than the classic moccasin. I hate that colder weather means sock weather because I hate socks, don’t ask me why, it’s just a fact. But with my moccasins, it’s semi-acceptable to throw them on sans-socks and hop out the door. I could tell you many tales of my favorite Minnetonkas but I’ll just say, I LOVE these shoes!

Red Canvas TOMS 

By now, it seems like everyone has a pair of TOMS. If you don’t have a pair, let me explain why they’re appealing to so many people. They’re comfortable, they now come in all sorts of funky or plain colors, and they are socially responsible. What more could you want in a fall shoe? Oh, and I don’t have to wear socks with this one either (not that this should sway in to getting them or not). I love my plain red canvas ones because they are comfortable for long days on my feet and I’m not worried about getting them dirty. Plus who doesn’t love a pair of bright red shoes?

My Mexican cowboy boots

I wish I had a better pictures that just focused on my amazing cowboy boots. I bought these in high school when my family and I were on a trip and spent a day in Tijuana, Mexico just over the border from California. I remember seeing these boots in a magazine photo spread and then I saw them in a store window there and I had to have them. Sometimes I feel weird wearing cowboy boots this far north of the Mason-Dixon line but they are so perfect for the fall weather that I make it work.

I Want

Kelsi Dagger Helix Wedge Booties, Lulu's, $114

Kelsi Dagger Helix Wedge Booties from Lulu’s

Wedges are my new go-to style. I am a pretty tall girl, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, so I don’t always wear heels. When I do want to wear heels, I’ve started leaning towards wedges because they are super comfortable and shoe designers are now coming out with so many beautiful variations. I love the new wedge booties and these ones caught my eye. I imagine wearing them with tights or jeans, in school, on the weekend, for a walk in the park, for Sunday brunch, yes, for pretty much anything.

I want these! So cute with a skirt or with jeans...SM Women's Philip Bootie Ankle Boots & Booties Boots Women's Shoes - DSW

SM Phillip Booties from DSW

The thing that makes me want these booties so bad is they are just the right amount of country for my fall wardrobe. Since I can’t always go all out with my Mexican cowboy boots, these would be the perfect remedy to give me just a dash of that country cowboy style. Because that’s definitely a style I need in my fall wardrobe.

tassel ballet flats

Classic Tassel Ballet Flats by Le Bunny Bleu

I can’t head into fall without wanting at least one pair of ballet flats. I fell in love when I saw these sweet tasseled mocs. They remind me of a super fashionable loafer and I love it. I hate to pick one of these colors so I’d love to have them all. Please?

What shoes are you craving for the fall?


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