I’m Wearing: Eyelet Charm

Top: Gap (old), Jeans: Levi’s, Shoes: Blowfish, Necklace: unknown, Bag: F21

This is seriously one of my favorite outfits for a cool summer evening. It’s super comfortable, cute, and fresh, just perfect for last Friday’s easy evening catching a movie and dinner in Philly. I’ve had this necklace for years and I have absolutely no idea where it came from but isn’t it fabulous? The skeleton key and angel charm are so unique and I love the amber colors. Now I think I’ve told you enough times how much I love this outfit, maybe you’ll believe me. Oh, and I didn’t even mention the shoes!

Like I said, this is what I wore for a dinner and movie date in Philly. Nick and I went to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. What a beautiful and thoughtful movie with the sweetest star! If it’s showing anywhere near you, you must go see it! As for this weekend, Nick and I are planning a more laid back couple of days hanging out by the pool and eating good food. School pressure is definitely starting to get to me but I know I won’t do well if I’m a stressed out mess. So I’m going to take it easy, get enough sleep, and worry about my classroom set up when Monday morning rolls around.



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