I Love and I Want These: Hair Accessories

My hair is tricky for me. I have never been one of those girls who braids their hair or tries new styles. I’m super simple: blow dry it straight and go. If it’s humid, grab a hair tie and throw it in a pony tail. I pay more attention to my outfits than my hair but as I get older and my hair is not too long and heavy or too short to put up but just the right length, I’ve found myself searching out new ways to jazz up my hair routine. With my journey into the world of hair accessories, I’ve dug up some things that I am loving for my hair and things I am craving for my hair.

I Love

Hair ties

Multitude Hair Ties, Anthropologie

I love putting my hair up but then I hate getting that weird crease in my hair. These amazing stretchy band ties from Anthro have made my day. They’re much softer on hair than regular elastics so there’s no crease. Though they aren’t the kind of ties that are going to hold your hair back throughout a grueling day of work, they work just fine for a nice evening relaxing. I also love the way they softly pull your hair back for a less harsh and more natural style. Plus they come in the most amazing colors!

Three Glitter Stars Headband, Dainty Daisies

Featured in my outfit last Friday, this is one of my favorite hair accessories that I am trying to use more. Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle in their day? This headband adds just the right amount with three little stars. It’s so simple it just blends right in and looks perfect with every hairstyle.

Stripped Floppy Hat by Forever 21

My favorite hair accessory is the well-worn hat. Perfect to cover up a bad hair day, a good hat is a must-have hair accessory. My favorite summer hat is the big brimmed floppy kind and there are so many out there you can have your choice of straw, stripes, or bows.

I Want

Through the Wire Headband in Dottie

Through the Wire Headband by ModCloth

Silky headbands are one of my biggest cravings but I hate the way they slide right off my head within a couple of hours. When I found this adorable dotted headband on ModCloth’s site, I let out a little cheer. With a wire right inside the silky material, the extra stiffness will be perfect for creating a hairstyle that lasts all day.

Free People

A flower crown

I’m not exactly a free spirit but the little piece of myself that sometimes wishes she were a hippie chick wants, maybe even needs, to have a flower crown. It looks so fresh and fun and free. There are so many great tutorials for making your own or you can buy one of these beautiful ones from Little Honey Pies on etsy.

The Soxy | The Original Sock Bun Hair Accessory by The Wedding Chicks

The Soxy by the Wedding Chicks

In my attempt to be more adventurous with my hair styling, I have considered the recent trend towards top knots. I am not so adventurous as to attempt it without the right tools so I’ve been looking for one of these sock bun tools. I’m not sure if I’ll be successful but I like this donut thingy; not nearly as intimidating as those free-styling curling irons with Michael Jackson glove.

Any hair accessories that you’re loving? Anything I should try?


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