Monday Links to Love

vintage cool

It’s so hard to get going some Monday mornings and this is one of them! I kind of want to be like the girl in this awesome photo: hanging out with my vintage car without a care in the world. Maybe some day but right now, I’ve got to get to work on making dreams happen. Happy Monday!

* Fun for summer: tie-dyed sheets

* Keep your workout chic (and inexpensive) with this DIY headband

* How to create a yoga space in your own home

* Sangria is the perfect summer cocktail. Spice it up with these two simple sangria recipes

* It’s never too late to be healthy so get going with these ten tips for whole food grocery shopping

* I haven’t posted many wedding links lately so I wanted to share this adorable DIY wedding at an amazing garden venue

* Get your rest or you might start packing on the pounds

* Have the vacation blues? Check out Savannah of Maiedae’s tips for getting on with your post-vacay life

* Spruce up your boring shorts with these cool DIYs

* Thanks Sylvia Plath (and Gala!) for reminding me to get out and do something!

* Having a bad day? Read this

* Last but not least, got to love a Jersey wedding


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