Easy Leftover Black Bean and Spinach Quesadilla

Quesadillas are the perfect summer meal: quick, easy, and adaptable to any taste. I put together this delicious quesadilla really quickly one weekday for lunch with black beans I had leftover from my avocado and black bean salad and some spinach leaves. I contemplated adding some grilled chicken but kept it vegetarian. I only wish I’d had some roasted peppers to stuff in there too! The best part about this quesadilla recipe is that you can add tons more, as long as you can get the quesadilla to close.

Ingredients: (for one quesadilla)

A quarter cup or less of black beans

A handful of fresh spinach leaves

A quarter cup of cheddar cheese (use jack for a spicy kick!)

Flour tortilla (use one for a half size or two for a larger quesadilla)

Avocado slices to garnish (optional)

1. Heat your pan over medium heat. Warm both sides of your tortilla before sprinkling cheese over the tortilla.

2. Allow the cheese to begin melting slightly before adding your black beans, spinach, or any other ingredients.

3. Allow the cheese to melt a little bit more before either folding your quesadilla in half for a small portion or place another tortilla on top for a larger portion.

4. Carefully flip your quesadilla over to begin browning the outside of the tortilla. While you brown the tortilla, press down slightly to continue the melting of the cheese.

When the outside of the quesadilla is as browned as you like it, slide it right out of the pan onto your plate. I used some leftover avocado as garnish, mostly because I can’t get enough avocado and was too lazy to get salsa and sour cream out to dip my quesadilla in. This is such a tasty way to use up those tiny leftover portions of veggies and takes no time at all. Enjoy!


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