Monday Links to Love

Erin Fetherston  Repin Via: Gala Darling

* Need a calm and sweet snack? Bake up these lavender oatmeal cookies, yum!

* My heart melted for this sweet vintage Asbury Park wedding

* An outdoor movie party is on the to do list, as long as the heat wave doesn’t return

* I love tuffets or poufs as extra seating and now this awesome tutorial shows you how to make your own

* Ella’s simple DIY shows you how simple it is to add a pop of color to your place

* Some cool alternatives to boring old dinner buffet, getting great ideas for my next party

* Writing tips are always appreciated

* Festival fashion is so cool. I love what Free People staff captured at Bonnaroo

* This Australian wedding couldn’t be anymore perfect from the floral bridesmaid dresses to the tea cup dessert table

* I’m so happy that you’re here reading my blog but Gala Darling posted a list of 100 things to do instead of procrastinating on the internet so get to it!

* I hate camping but I do love a summer tent


4 thoughts on “Monday Links to Love

    • I have this on my list of projects but need to find the time and more sewing machine skills. Also a bit intimidated by the fact that she used 10 bags of polyfill, seems kind of intense!


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