Blogs I’m Loving

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for awhile now because I’ve recently been finding and following some really great blogs. Every opportunity I get I click through links to see new and inspiring blogs. That’s what’s so amazing about the blogging community. There is always something new to discover, whether it’s new to you or actually someone’s brand-new venture. Here are five new-t0-me blogs that I want to share with you:

June 8th Daily Outfit

1. A Wild Tonic: I found Lauren’s blog through Amy of Vanagon Champion’s blog post about her adventures in NYC and New Jersey. I love her style posts and vintage finds and DIY. Plus I can’t resist reading about the life of a fellow Jersey girl!

Project Life

2. Campfire Chic: I was so excited when I found this blog that is crafty, blog-perfect, and full of great tips. I am still sifting through the archives and finding new stuff every day. I found Campfire Chic through a link from another blogger to her 5 Blog Posts You Should Be Writing and have been reading every since. Great stuff!

nubby twiglet la 2012

3. Nubby Twiglet: Nubby Twiglet has been around a long time but I’ve only ever known her as Gala Darling’s awesome travel buddy and good friend. Recently a post she wrote popped up in something I was reading so I clicked over, clicked through the site, and I was hooked.

Post image for Style File: Fashion Director

4. Bldg 25 Blog (Free People’s Blog): Dreamy and free-spirited, the Free People clothing brand is one of my favorite brands for their bohemian chic clothing (even if I can’t always afford it!). I stumbled onto their blog via Twitter and I love their ethereal photos, music posts, and especially the Style File posts documenting the hippie-chic look of their staff.

5. Five Sixteenths: I can’t remember how I found Moe’s blog but I love that I did. She’s very open and honest which makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend. There’s a little bit of everything here but I especially love her Fan Friday posts and tips for blogging and life.

There you have it: five of my favorite new blogs. Like I said, it’s always fun to discover something fresh and I hope this helps you if you’re looking for some new reading material.


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