Summer Do List

Though summer doesn’t officially start until mid-June some time, around here with no school and no work, it sure feels like summer. That’s what’s inspired me to start thinking about my summer Do list. It’s a list of all the things that I want to do over these hot months when responsibility is low and the ability to start fresh is high. Of course there’s the most important thing I’m going to do this summer which is (fingers crossed) find my first ever job as a teacher. I’m going to leave that pretty obvious one off the list and instead focus on all the good things I want to do but just haven’t been doing.

1. Blog more: well, this one has become pretty much the mantra of my blog right here. I feel awful saying it all the time but life just keeps getting in the way of me being a good and consistent blogger. I love this space here and want to do more on here. Since I will not be working full time, I am making it my duty to come up with fresh content and carve out the time to make this space awesome. I also want to work more on having you readers, whoever you may be, get to know more about me. Sometimes I feel like my writing is so formal. That’s most likely a by-product of several years of official school paper writing and countless drafts of cover letters. So this summer I’m really going to get you to know me and my fabulous inner thoughts. Are you ready?

2. Read a lot: There is no denying how much I love to read. Once I learned how, you couldn’t make me stop. School killed my ability to find the time to pick up a good book and snuggle in for the long haul. That’s over and now it’s time to read as many as possible. I’ve got my trusty Nook by my side and a stack of books from sales that I’ve been meaning to tackle. I’ll let you know about the best ones I find!

3. Get crafty: If you check out my pinterest, especially my board titled “I Can Make This”, you’ll see all my crafty ambitions. Ambitions I have not yet acted upon. And here’s my go-to excuse: school. So now I’ve got the time and, though I don’t have the money, I’m looking forward to pulling out a glue gun, firing up the sewing machine and digging a few balls of yarn out to get crafty.

4. Cook more, bake more and get my recipe box going: Last year for my birthday there was nothing I wanted more than a darling little Bisquick recipe box. I intended to fill it with all sorts of recipes I tried and loved and bring out the domestic kitchen goddess I have inside. That recipe box is still sitting on the shelf with only the recipes it came with (silly little ones from the 60s) and I need to get down to business. I will create my own cute recipe cards and I will go through every recipe post I have ever added to my bookmark bar. I also want to make cooking and baking a part of this process too. When I had my own apartment in college, there was nothing I loved more than having my girl friends over for a feast or baking something to bring to a club meeting. As I’m preparing to once again (fingers crossed) have my own place, I need to get back into the habit of creating with food.

5. Enjoy every moment: I get so depressed when the cold weather sweeps in so I am just so happy that the sun is finally shining and the flowers are blooming. The last few summers have been such a blur of work and school that I want to savor whatever this summer may have in store for me. I hope to put aside some of the worry I have about my future and give this summer everything I’ve got. You can expect lots of pictures since I’m going to catch every minute of it as best as I can.


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