Museum Proper

Top: Forever 21, Cardigan: Forever 21, Jeans: Levi’s, Flats: Anthropologie 

All this week I’ve been on Spring Break and like most times I get a break, I spend all my time sleeping, reading, or blogging. My boyfriend was kind enough to break me out of my self-imposed prison on Wednesday and took me out for a fun day around Philly. Our main goal was heading to the art museum to see special exhibit, Van Gogh: Up Close, which is only open for a few more weeks. I wanted to make sure I had an outfit that was comfy enough for a whole day of traipsing through Buddhist temple installations and admiring the wacky post-modernists. It definitely did it’s job.

I am so thankful for this bright pink cardigan for finding me in the craziness that is a Forever 21 store. I have worn it too many times to count from weekend shopping trips to a typical school day and in a few different blog posts (looking good with a small beehive and keeping it pretty prep). The black sweater with crazy tulle fluff embellishment was on sale and just too good to pass up. And how do you like those shoes? They’re a super old Anthro find; I rescued them from a dusty bin in the clearance room. They’ve served me well but they’re starting to get a little worn out. I’m always sad when it comes time to retire well-loved shoes.


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