What do you think?

It’s been about a day and a half since I got home from a cancelled class, started scrolling through a bunch of free themes on wordpress and BAM changed my blog from the ways it’s been for about a year and a half. So what do you think? My personal thoughts have been that this is a much cleaner and more feminine look for my blog. I fooled around a little bit to give it my own personal touch (I could never abandon my lemon-y look!). Giving my blog a mini facelift has been symbolic of the change to having a more personal blog or a blog with more personality, if you like.

Until the day comes when I get some money in my pocket and am able to pay for some designer to make my bloggy dreams come true, I’m going to have to go with all the freebies I can find. But I’m pleased with my new look and I hope you like it too!

In somewhat related new, being on Spring Break has been pretty good (or bad) for my Pinterest addiction. Here are some of my favorite pins from the last few days:

I want this gorgeous headband from Twigs and Honey

Headband from Twigs and Honey

bang braid

Working on styling my hair and starting with this pretty braided style

summer style for sure

This look is what I’m channeling for my super Summer style

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for summer reads (if you have any suggestions, let me know!)

What have you been up to this week so far? If you want to know what else I’ve been pinning, please follow me! Whew, what a week it’s been!


I'd love to know what you think so leave a comment right below. Thanks for stopping by!

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