Shoe Good

In lieu of the outfit posts I’ve been putting up Fridays, I’m going to talk a little bit about some of my favorite shoe purchases lately. There is nothing I love more than a few good shoes and, thanks to a leftover gift card, some rewards certificates, and a boyfriend sympathetic to my moneyless state, I was able to get two new pairs. I am in shoe heaven!

I bought these Bandolino patent wedges on sale for $30 and, even though I’ve only worn them twice, I just know these are a great investment. I wore these babies for the first time on a movie date night to see the Hunger Games (I’m just like everyone else and can’t resist those addictive books!). They are super comfortable, even to withstand a whole day of teaching which was the second time I wore them out. Don’t you just love the funky fabric flower on the toe?

Moccasins! Who doesn’t love a pair of moccasins? I’ve been wearing these since before they were cool (I rocked a pair of white leather Thunderbirds in elementary school…) and they are the most comfortable shoe I know. I bought these since the ones I’ve had for five or six years now are looking more than a little worn out. I want to wear these into the summer even though I will most likely sacrifice them for flip flops once the weather gets a little warmer. 

Even though I didn’t just buy these shoes, I wanted to share them anyway because they are just so darn amazing. What could be better than tangerine and sparkles? I also wanted to share these shoes because of all the buzz they created when I wore them to school the other day. The kids were sure that I was going to be Cinderella in our school talent show and one kid couldn’t concentrate on my lesson at the carpet and couldn’t stop staring at the gold toes! Love it!

And finally, I leave you with one last picture of my proud shoe display in bedroom in front of my big mirror. This is just a small display of the shoes that can’t be stacked up in my closet. Someday there will be room to display them all…


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