Hearts Forever

Dress and belt: Forever 21, Cardigan: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Shoes: UO, Neckalce: weheartphilly.com

Oh Valentine’s Day, day of red, candy, hearts and love. Valentine’s Day 2012 also happened to be the evening of my boyfriend’s exam. Grad school does not hold love in high regard. I wasn’t too disappointed though because we got to have a very special love day celebration on any night of our choosing. Plus, after a full day celebrating “friendship day” at school, I was not getting dressed up for anyone. 

I’ve talked in previous outfit posts how I am just starting to warm up to the color red. I have definitely fallen in love with my matte red lipstick and I love my red circle skirt. But when I saw this dress, the last one hanging on the racks of a crazy Forever 21 store, I knew that it was the perfect Valentine’s Day dress. The tiny hearts, the flowy sleeves and matching blue patent belt stole my heart. 

My special surprise from the sweet boyfriend was a romantic dinner at Bistro Romano in Philly. It’s in the basement of a super old building and it was used as part of the Underground Railroad. He definitely knows me well. It was super romantic and I liked that the restaurant wasn’t super dressy so I could look cute and whimsical in my heart dress and bright orange cardigan. That’s one of  my favorite parts of my outfit: the bright pops of color from my cardigan and my wedges. I got those red wedges over a year ago and have worn them so much. Best investment ever!


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