Monday Links to Love

Tomorrow is a day of love: for that special someone, for those amazing friends and for the word at large. This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m promising to be more loving in my interactions with everyone I meet. Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day we can show love; try to show it all year round! Happy Monday!

* Still looking for a way to make the perfect handmade valentine? Try this tutorial for crochetted edged valentines, they look fantastic!

* Check out this fun and lovely Palm Beach wedding

* Aren’t near your honey this week or don’t get to see them that often? Here are some good tips on surviving that long distance relationship

* I haven’t been yet but it’s so cool: Free People’s new Philadelphia location’s love letter wallpaper

* A romantic and intimate Australian wedding to make your dreams come true

* Read the story behind this wedding, it’s so cute! And the wedding isn’t so bad either

* I love Happy Brittany’s year long project to work on different things in her life and her February ambition to romance herself is something I want to do too

* Adorable alert: kids’ views on love and marriage

* This vintage chic wedding is too cute for words

* Wanna tell him how much you love him? Make this banner and he’ll get it!

* Sure you should show everyone some love but don’t forget to show yourself some too

* One last cute Valentine’s Day DIY: a felt heart garland


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