Black and White and That Touch of Red

Sweater: Madewell, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Toms, Necklace: Madewell

Ah, a whole weekend with very little to do. When was the last time I’ve had one of those? And now that school work is starting to kick up, who knows when I’m going to have time to do absolutely nothing again. I wore this outfit on my do-as-little-as-possible weekend and it was wonderful. Part of my do nothing weekend was heading to the mall where I picked up this perfect sweater. I adore stripes and I adore comfy, cozy knits like this one. It’s from Madewell, the hipper, funkier sister of my tried-and-true love J.Crew. When I walked into the store, they were giving away mystery giftcards and you could win up to $500. Jackpot! What a great idea and though I didn’t win the $500 giftcard, I did get $10. That made this sweater which was already on sale ridiculously cheap. 

Because the sweater was on sale, I could only find it in large but I like a little bit of a looser sweater. My favorite pairing is a big comfy sweater and a pair of skinny jeans for those cold winter days. But I thought I’d try pairing my new sweater with my favorite comfy wide legged jeans. Not to forget about accessories, check out another sweet Madewell buy:

This necklace was one of my first purchases at the store and it makes me so happy. It’s simple but that red is just the bright pop this black and white get-up needs. Then of course I had to throw on my uber comfy Toms on to add another little touch of red. The perfect cozy weekend outfit for doing absolutely nothing. 


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