Two and a Half Years Later: Means to an End vs A Dead End

You could be reading my humble blog right now at your work desk because you wish you were anywhere else. Maybe you’re sitting there and thinking, is this really all there is? And let me tell you, I’ve been there. Until this week, I felt the same way too. I was stuck in a job I was tired of doing because it wasn’t my dream job. It wasn’t even close and though it was rewarding, it wasn’t rewarding me in the way I wanted my eight hours to reward me. If you’re going to spend eight hours doing something, it should be more than just a job. The only thing that was keeping me going was knowing that this job was a means-to-an-end job. It wasn’t a dead end because I had an out. My out was becoming a teacher and this job enabled me to go to school, pay my bills and save a little bit of money so that I could make my dreams a reality. I still had places to go and I kept sight of that as I worked through days at a job I didn’t always want to be at. 

Don’t despair about this job you don’t like because it might actually be more than what you think it is. If you’re unhappy, look closer at your job and think about this:

A means-to-an-end…

* lets you develop your side hustle, go to school, work towards your dream because it allows you to have time to yourself, aka you’re not taking your work home with you

* provides fuel to your fire, aka funds your ambitions and gives you capitol to move you towards your dream life

* has an end, even if it is not in sight right now, but you know that you are still moving right ahead

On the other hand, a dead end:

* kills all your energy

* makes you lose sight of your dreams

* has no end and you’re dead in the water

Having a job is probably essential in the path to getting what you want and getting where you need to go. If this job isn’t the dream job, don’t let it consume you with work politics and petty problems. Don’t despair that this is all you’re meant to do; with ambition, this job will only be a short stop on your life journey. Keep your goals in sight and don’t get caught up in the here and now. Make time for the things that will get you closer to your dream job and dream life after work. Apply for classes, blog about your passion, practice it in whatever way you can, whatever “it” may be. 

Sometimes going to work can seem like the most horrible thing in the world when it’s just a job. But if this job lets you pursue your passion, whether by making money or giving you free time, it’ll be worth it in the end. Keep a healthy perspective and work your way out of that potential dead end. Transform it into a way to achieve your wildest desires.


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