Banish Bad Vibes

You’re going about your day, gotten rid of morning grouchiness, getting things done, until someone starts talking and BAM! blasts you with their negativity. You want to stay positive all day, only life has a way of getting you down. Getting into a bad mood isn’t always your fault but it’s your choice to keep yourself away from bad vibes. What are bad vibes? Negative energy that pulls your whole mood down so that you become crabby and irritable, nasty comments that make you feel insecure or gets your blood boiling about something you never thought about or anything that just makes you feel icky and depressed. Banishing bad vibes takes some concentration and some few handy tactics:

1. Avoid known Negative Nancys: There are some people you will come across who for some reason feel that it is okay to air their petty comments to everyone. Instead of keeping their unhappiness to themselves, these “Negative Nancys”, as I call them, don’t mind sharing their very negative thoughts to anyone who crosses their path. It’s okay to have some down feelings but Negative Nancys will feed on those feelings. These Negative Nancys have a bad vibe emanating from them and they will suck you in. They’ll get you upset over absolutely nothing, push depressive thoughts to the forefront of your mind and shred that positive mood you’ve got. If it’s possible, try to avoid these people as much as possible. Only interact with them on positive terms and in positive settings. Feel free to politely excuse yourself from a conversation headed in a direction that starts to make you feel bad or uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to bring up things that are happier topics or find the silver lining in their negative comments. If all else fails, avoid them by running and hiding. 

2. Keep things in perspective: When something bad happens during your day, it starts to nag at your thoughts. What could I have done to avoid this? What did I do to deserve this? As much as you want to wallow in these bad feelings and allow the bad thoughts to run rampant in your mind, check them. Focus on the fact that this is one part of your day in a million days to come. Remember that the moment has passed and that thinking about it over and over removes you from the present. By being present, you can make better choices and avoid mistakes that could make you feel bad. 

3. Do good things for yourself and others: The best way to ban bad vibes from your life is to do and be good. Find ways to do good things in your life big or small. Help a neighbor, volunteer, be there for your friends in good times and bad. Doing good makes you feel good and think good. Make it stick by doing good things for yourself. Indulge in some of your favorite foods, slot in a time for “me time” on your overloaded calendar, take a bubble bath with delicious products. Good attracts good.

4. Focus on a positive affirmation: When I am at a low point in my day, I try to remember that I can do it. I tell myself, “Anything is possible” and something inside me clicks on and says, oh yeah, that’s right. Copy down a positive quote, song lyric, prayer or personal saying and keep it close for those moments that you feel yourself starting to fall down. 

How do you banish bad vibes from your life?


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