Monday Links to Love

* It can be hard after college to make new girlfriends but these tips are sure to help you make some

* In the same vein, how to turn your online friends into real friends

* Is it spring yet? If you’re missing the flowers like me, make this bloom flower crown and put a little spring in your step

* I liked this little guide of fun things to do in Providence, Rhode Island. I’ve only driven through it a few times so now I want to go for real!

* Another flower DIY: giant paper roses

* I’ve been collecting vintage cookbooks for years so I loved this post with some awesome ones

* How beautiful are these DIY paper lanterns? Martha thinks of everything…

* A cute heart pillow you can easily make to show someone a little love

* Scroll through this post and find the cutest and coolest to-do organizer that you can download for yourself

* Thinking about applying to grad school? Check out these tips to make the whole process a little easier

* What a fun and beautiful Florida wedding to get you through your week

* I love donuts and now I can make my own carrot cake and red velvet ones, yay!

* And to keep on eating, I am going to try these lemon cupcakes with lemon mousse frosting

* Michelle, the When I Grow Up Coach, always knows just what to write to keep me motivated

* Stop over thinking and do it!

* What do you think of holding doctors to the same standards as teachers?


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