Back to Reality

Monday was the first day back from my break of sorts from school and from working full time. I started student teaching, which is like a full time job itself, and working on school projects once again. I am sad that my little vacation pretending to be a carefree college student is over but also excited for the start of something I’ve always wanted. Now that it’s back to work (or from now on school!) how did I do on those break goals I set for myself? 

1. Learn to do my hair: This goal was an ambitious one because I am not into the detail and concentration necessary for doing my hair. But I tried and actually curled my hair a few days and fooled around with teasing it. 

I also found a few different tutorials for hair that I wanted to try including a french braid crown from Tick Tock Vintage (if I’m being overly ambitious), some videos for styles with lots of volume from Your Cheapest Accessory and a post from Seablanket on making a really high bun. My goal for the next few weekends is to attempt to play with my hair like a normal girl. 

2. Practice yoga at least three times a week: Yes, it was a success! I did manage to work in some intense yoga workouts in the mornings I was off. My workouts came from my Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown dvd and Fitness magazine. At first the plan was to just stick with the dvd workout but I found myself risking not working out so I knew I had to switch it up. Fitness magazine’s site is a great place to find any kind of new workout. 

3. Write, write, write: My fingers got an equally grueling workout these past few weeks as I worked on my goal to get to writing. Most of my writing was blog-related but I tried to work on my creative writing as well. I need to practice if I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month later this year.

4. Learn to crochet: Another success…in a way. I wasn’t overly ambitious to begin a crochet project since I am still working on a blanket (which I will feature on here if I ever find a moment to get it done). There is a small square piece of crocheting that is evidence enough that I learned the most basic stitch but I do want to try it more and fool around with it. I did teach it to myself from a youtube video so if you ever wanted to learn to crochet, try this video and be patient. (It’s super basic so I recommend skipping forward some)


5. Focus my blog message: another goal that I did well. I worked on new creative posts, planning content well in advance and really thinking about what I wanted to show my readers. Here it is and I like it.




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