Monday Links to Love

Today I start a whole new adventure. It’s been over a year of thinking about getting here, to actually being in a classroom of real live students. This is my dream and what I am meant to do and now I am going to do it with everything I’ve got. I am excited! I hope your Monday is bringing you as much excitement as mine!

* Martha Stewart is collaborating with Staples. I am sucker for supplies and I think my heart just skipped a beat

* Shopping for a stunning vintage piece to have your house guests talking? Look no further!

* Running is awesome and I love these helpful tips to remember when you start running (or starting running once again…)

* I want to live in this time capsule home. A pink fridge, what could be more awesome?!

* A great tutorial for personalizing wood crafts that’s super easy

* It’s winter and cold and yucky around here but Philly’s restaurant make it so much better with their creative comfort foods

* On my resolutions list: get focused. Reading Danielle LaPorte’s insight on the inevitable pain of getting focused definitely gives motivation

* Nubby Twiglet on the scary and exciting decision to make a major change

* You know those beautiful bouquets that those flower companies charge a lot for? Use this DIY to create your own arrangements and beautify your place


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