Monday Links to Love

Another Monday’s rolled around and it’s only one more week before I start on my next adventure: student teaching! I am beyond excited, finally having found my way to make a greater impact on my community and my world through providing the best education I can to the next generation. Of course I know the day to day won’t be glamorous or always apparently rewarding but it’s the best way I know how to share my talents. This idea is especially important today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. After visiting the Lorraine Motel in Memphis this past summer, I gained a deeper and more profound idea of the courage it can take to do what you believe. I also understood the importance of doing what you can for those around you because it can make all the difference in the world. In that way I hope to honor the memory of Reverend King and the countless others have sacrificed everything to help others.

* I love this idea from Gala Darling: write your own mission statement. What a great way to figure yourself out for the new year!

* Seriously, what could sound more delicious than peanut butter banana and nutella cupcakes? I think this cupcake could also qualify as a tasty breakfast treat, right?

* Really chic and easy ideas for small ways you can improve your nest

* I love false eyelashes but I do not like putting them on. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere offers a great tutorial for getting the bold lashes you want

* I am in love with this circus-themed vintage wedding in a giant tin tent!

* If any of you are struggling with your fitness goals to run a race or run for health and it’s just not working, you should read this

* I love dining fireside and Visit Philly offers up a great list of places for romantic fireside meals

* Easy DIY alert! Check out these gilded bottles, perfect for that retro display you have (or want)

* It was Diane Von Furstenberg’s birthday at the end of December and she is one awesome woman. I loved Charming Gypsy’s birthday tribute including these fantastic words of wisdom for the grand lady herself

* Have you seen these resolutions for 20-somethings yet? I think they’re actually pretty true and has some useful reminders

* I believe it but I don’t want to: women ask for promotions as often as men but don’t necessarily get them

* Thank you, Danielle of Sometimes Sweet, for this delicious sounding blueberry pie oatmeal, all my favorite things!


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