Two and a Half Years and The Things I Know

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So many unexpected circumstances led me to where I am today, from not getting that dream job out of college to meeting the greatest guy in the world. I couldn’t be happier about the path I’ve taken, even if it’s not what I expected. But when I first started on my post-college journey, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in going off my “dream path.” I got a job but it wasn’t the right job. When I kept searching for other jobs, I started seeking out anything and everything in a desperate attempt to figure out where I should be going. My “dream path” did materialize when and in the way I thought it would and I was stuck. I realize now that my “dream path” was the path I thought I wanted, not one born from seeking my true self, my truest wants and needs. The path had always been easy up until now because it contained understandable variables: high school graduation, college, internships and summer jobs, college graduation. You know what those things are and how they are done. I commend those who didn’t seek this “normal” path and instead embarked on one without rules.

After college, I had ended up into a life without structure, a place where there were a million different choices for me to take. Though I didn’t see it like this at the time, it was a blessing. Suddenly I had the autonomy of not knowing. That autonomy was scary but it allowed me to seek out what I truly wanted in life. I got the chance to discover what was really going on inside me instead of going through the motions.

All of this stuff about losing my way, so to speak, sounds really zen right now but it wasn’t back then. There were a million should-I’s and Oh-My-God’s and nights of worrying if I’d ever catch up to my dreams. So if you’re there, trust me, everything will work out. Over the next month, I’m going to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned along this two and a half year journey, the rocky bit about living at home to understanding why I was doing this job that wasn’t the “right” job. It’s a short series about my evolution and maybe you’ll see something of your journey or your insecurities in my own. The challenge of not getting your way can change your life, just like it changed mine.


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