Monday Links to Love

Happy 2012!

Could it be the new year already? I can hardly believe how fast 2011 went by and now here we are two days into 2012! Already my new year is shaping up to be even better than the last and I hope that yours is too. Enjoy some new year themed links to get it going, happy Monday and Happy New Year!

* Avoid these missteps and get ready to meet your perfect man to kiss at midnight

* Want to make change in 2012? Here are zenhabit’s ways to change anything

* Make new friends and keep the old: here’s to expanding your social circle (offline!) in 2o12

* A new year means new inspiration for all that you do. Check out Amy from A is for Ampersand’s recommendations for staying inspired over at Maie Dae

* I think this is the perfect project for the new year: big script wall art

* Take care of yourself this year by not doing these 30 things

* I am integrating these five kind new habits in my life this new year and you should try them too

* Own your own online business? Trying to grow your online presence? This article is one of the best I’ve read about being irresistible online

* Always have to include a few tips on keeping those new year’s resolutions and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess dishes up some good ones


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