My Christmas Gift Wishlist

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? And for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, can you believe you just lit the first candle?! Yes, the holidays are upon us and I have been out since November finding the perfect gifts for everyone on my list. But, as is always the case, when people ask me what I’d like for Christmas, I am stumped. So I decided to come up with a list of things that I have been thinking about all year long and that would make great gifts for anyone on your list. Now who’d like to get them for me?

For the book worm:Β 

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color– Nothing can ever replace the feel of holding the perfect book in your hand but I think the Nook is coming pretty close. You can download books in seconds, check your e-mail and Facebook AND borrow e-books from your library. How cool is that?! I chose the Nook mostly because I like things that are high-tech but do the job they are made for. In this case, the Nook Color is made to read your favorite book in a whole new way.

…to have faith is to have wings. Write Now Journal

Notebooks from Compendium, Inc.– Ever since stumbling upon their mini notebooks in a Miami bookstore a few years ago, I have been in love with Compendium’s products. They offer beautiful paper products and books with inspiring messages, especially perfect for writers and journalers (also the blogger who still likes to be old-fashioned and write her ideas in a notebook…like this one…). I want one of their beautiful journals to write about my new journey into the world of teaching.

For the fashionista:

A pair of Frye boots– Particularly the Campus 14G boots in brown…just in case you wanted to know. These boots make my heart flutter because they are so absolutely perfect as boots. Leather, a slight heel, they are classic style. When I told my mom I wanted a pair, she said that’s exactly what she wanted when she was my age. Great things like Frye boots never go out of style.

A bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company– Seeing the above picture, can you understand why these bags are making my list? They come in all sorts of beautiful colors and are just so pretty and functional. I am dreaming of either the Designer in green with navy buckles or the Batchel in fluro pink, both with my monogram of course.

For the romantic:

Antique French Student's Book with DeBec Tea Cup and Saucer

A pretty vintage tea cup- Perfect for displaying on a shelf or pouring your tea into, tea cups make such a beautiful and unique present. They’re very easy to find on Etsy or you can scour your local antique shops and thrift stores for the perfect one. Or you could turn those tea cups into romantic candles. I put these on my list because tea in a pretty tea cup would make my mornings so much more luxurious.

You have bewitched me, body and soul. (Mr. Darcy, Pride & Prejudice) - Typography Printable/Digital Art Print (PEACOCK)

A hand-printed poster from Etsy– While the above print is pretty perfect (how can it not be when quoting Mr. Darcy?), there are so many gorgeous posters on Etsy with words of romance, words of inspiration, just about any kind of phrase you might be looking for. Or you could be like me and spend hours pouring over the work of truly talented artists and not being able to settle on a single one.

For the homebody:

Image of Pretzel Necklace (silver or gold)

A pretzel necklace- I may not be from Philly but over the past year I have adopted it as my own. That’s why I picked the pretty pretzel necklace from They have so many great gifts for residents of the city of brotherly love from jewelry to office supplies to tee shirts and totes. Or you could the necklace for a girl who just loves pretzels. What can I say, it’s versatile.

Home goods from my favorite state- I got this Cat Studio pillow for my high school graduation when I was headed off to Virginia. It reminded me of home every time I saw it on my dorm bed. Now I’m dying for a set of glasses to go along with it and maybe a few other pillows from my favorite places. You can pick your favorite state, your favorite region, your favorite country, basically anywhere you want to be!


I'd love to know what you think so leave a comment right below. Thanks for stopping by!

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