Monday Links to Love

It’s the final week before Christmas, are you ready??? I’ve finally finished classes so I am free until mid-January, woohoo! It’s just in time too for cleaning up, wrapping up and getting into the spirit for next Sunday. I can’t wait, even with all the work I’ve been doing I’ve still felt the magic of the season. And if you like what I have to say, get ready, because I’ll be back and writing on here. So take a deep breath and enjoy this last week before Christmas (and few days before Hannukah)! Happy Monday!

* Live in or around Philly? Here’s a great guide for things to do this winter season in the Philly area

* I thought this DIY would make the coolest and most unique present for a music lover: record dessert stand

* Your hot chocolate looking empty? Make your own marshmallows and relish their deliciousness!

* Simple and crowd-pleasing dessert, gotta have these chocolate chip cupcakes

* A great guide for DIY gifts, in case you’re still wondering what to get anyone and everyone

* With engagement fever going around this holiday season, spend a little time thinking about the day after the wedding

* I love all the beautiful gift wrapping ideas out there but these embroidered gift tags are so simple and pretty

* Another DIY, this one for the writer in your life, just in case you still haven’t found them something

* I love Christmas decorations and these candy lights are just so sweet!

* I saw a banner decoration like this one and am so happy I found a way to make it for myself


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