Monday Links to Love

I have taken the above inspiration to heart these past few months as I have worked my way through school on top of work on top of regular life. I will have a few weeks of break before I launch into even more work as I begin my student teaching. I’m excited and nervous but ready to embrace it all. Small step after small step, it’s all happening. Happy Monday!

* New, cool ideas for advent calendars if you haven’t got yours already: try this one that can be ripped open or this cute stocking idea

* What a cool idea: wedding vendors stage a beautiful fake wedding to advertise their services. Genius!

* Posted this interview by Sarah Wilson with Nicholas Sparks on twitter last week. It reveals why his novels are so real and some thought-provoking questions, any comments?

* I love this sparkly wreath DIY

* Contemplating drinking lemon water in the morning after reading this

* Such beautiful simple details in this garden wedding and who doesn’t love pinwheels?

* How adorable is this Texas ranch wedding? Too bad I’m not Southern…

* As always, another lovely guide from Gala Darling, this time one with some activities to make your December memorable and fun

* Funfetti + fudge = cannot wait to try this recipe!

* A nautical wedding done perfectly

* I loved Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and I love Positively Present’s reminders of eight splendid truths (and her giveaway!)


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