My Fall Fashion Uniform and Some Reflections on Fashion

I admire the style and lifestyle blogs that I follow through my Bloglovin’ reader. There seems to be something so effortless and cool about the outfits they put together. I wonder things like, do they wear that outfit all day as they schlep down the aisles of Target looking for moisturizer and Warm Delites? How can they afford to find new pieces for their wardrobe all the time? How do they fit all those clothes in their closet? And finally, why is the Midwest the promised land of vintage clothing? All pretty pressing questions for a girl blogger trying to balance her shrinking budget with a penchant for the sixties and every shoe imaginable (except for Crocs, I will never go there).

There really isn’t much I can do when it comes to funding my wardrobe so I’ve got to work with what I’ve got for the most part. And what I’ve got isn’t too shabby. My style isn’t revolutionary; it’s a cross between chic comfort and fashionable sensibilities shortened by limited funds. Where you really get to see my style aesthetic is in my fall uniform. It boils down to a button-down, skinny jeans, simple and comfortable shoes and a few layers here and there. Maybe throw in a few daring accessories and I am ready for anything. As a reader, you will never have to question if I have worn that outfit all day long because, frankly, I don’t have time to change from fashion-y to sensible. So fashion sensible is what you get.

Plaid shirt: Forever 21, V-Neck Sweater: JCrew, Jeans: Levi’s, Mocassins: Minnetonka

Throw on my emerald green scarf (gift from my brother’s trip to Italy) and you have a happy girl in the her fall best!

On the beach in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Scarf: Forever 21, Top: Forever 21, Belt: American Eagle, Jeans: Gap, Moccassins: Minnetonka, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

While it’s become a trend to wear the wide flare style jeans, I have been rocking these jeans for a few years now. I like to believe they make me look like a stylized Bohemian but that might be my own wishful thinking. They are perfect for tucking in tops, something that I used to refuse to do in my Catholic school uniform days but now feel undone without doing so.

On the beach in Ocean City, MD. Top: JCrew, Belt: American Eagle, Jeans: Levi’s, Boots: Mom’s closet, Bracelets: etsy gifts from my boyfriend

The above is a classic Kendall run-around-in-the-fall outfit. Comfortable enough to spend all day outside or indoors and just put-together enough to look good. My style may not be crazy chic but it works for me. The best advice I ever paid attention to regarding clothing and fashion (and one I believe every timeless and enviable fashionista must follow too) is that you should dress in what makes you look good. Don’t follow trends unless it’s one that really looks good on you and fits who you are. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, don’t get me wrong, but you have to know where to draw the line for you. There’s something beautiful about a woman who knows herself and uses clothing to enhance that beauty. Make the clothing work for you. My clothes may not make me the most fashionable woman in the room but they make me feel confident and beautiful. Now don’t even ask me how to make all those beautiful clothes fit in one closet, I’m still working on that one…


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