The Perfect Cure for the Perfectly Bad Day

Sometimes you have a bad day. It can start off with traffic, spilled coffee, an annoying e-mail. It gets compounded by bad hair, a rip in your pants or your stockings and forgetting your lunch. You get a flat tire or the milk is sour. Those kind of days are bad but then there are some days that are perfectly bad. These are that days that are so bad that it digs into you. It scratches at your essence, chips away at your dreams and you feel horrible way down deep. It’s a horrible feeling, a sinking feeling when you are having a deep down bad day. And there is only one way to cure these feeling: do whatever you want.

Bad days are inevitable but when you feel yourself succumbing to frustration and that sinking feeling, you must save yourself. Nothing bad is going to happen by giving yourself a little time off. And if something does happen, it can’t be any worse than the soul-sucking bad day you’re currently having (I’m just saying). Everyone needs a restorative day every now and then so let yourself have it.

Ways to cure your bad day:

* Take a hot bath

* Read a book

* Dance around in your underwear (or in a sparkly outfit if you’re shy)

* Do yoga

* Take a nap

* Paint your toenails

* Go shoe shopping (one of my many remedies for a bad break-up)

* Put on sparkles

* Don’t put  on your make-up

* Eat a big ice cream sundae

* Spend all day watching the complete series of Sex and the City

* Read terrible jokes and laugh your head off

These are just some of my cures; you can find a way to heal yourself. Don’t let the world get you down. Don’t give up. Give yourself freedom and do whatever you want.


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