Going Confidently

You’ve been working hard, putting in tons of hours researching and practicing. You sacrifice time and sanity in pursuit of the of the tunnel whether that’s your dream career, your own business, creating a product this world has never seen. It feels like battling an endless number of obstacles, swimming upstream with almost no progress. It’s tiring and difficult and some days you just feel like giving up. Then suddenly a step in your journey falls into place. So why are you sitting there feeling nervous?

Going confidently in the direction of your dreams sounds so simple but confidence is a hard thing to maintain. When things are tough and new, you work hard and bury yourself in that work. When a step falls into place and things suddenly start going your way, it’s a real jolt. You’re suddenly aware that, hey, this is really happening to me. I am going to be [fill in the blank], I am making it happen. You can be excited and ready for it but sometimes your confidence falters. You might find yourself asking, am I really going to do it?

Even when you achieve a victory on the road to conquering your goal, you can be worried. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to feel that way; it’s okay to stumble over a good thing. When you’ve been working this hard you don’t want any false hope to smash it all to bits. But what you have to remember is: you’ve got this. Whatever has happened at this stage means you’re doing something right. Your dreams are not a house of cards liable to collapse in the wind. Though your dreams and your work seem fragile, they are really strong because of the belief you’ve placed in them. Use this step as an affirmation that you are doing okay. Take that step and do even better.

You’re not going to mess this up (even if your crazy worried head is telling you the opposite). You’ve got this. All those hours writing, creating, practicing, improving and planning have been logged so these steps towards your dream are possible. You are going to achieve that big dream step by step. All those hours you’re putting in are there so you can be prepared to get it done.

Don’t be afraid to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Big things are going to happen and you’ve got this.


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