Monday Links to Love

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas via suicide blonde

Happy Halloween! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween, I’m more than halfway through the semester (and only a quarter of the way through all my work) and that we had the first snow of the season already. Did everyone get a chance to dress up for Halloween? I have always dressed up for Halloween, thanks to finding a place where it’s part of my job to get fancy for the holiday. Even though they’re not Halloween-themed, enjoy the links and have a great Monday!

* This wedding just looks so fresh and fun

* How much fun would your life be if you could create Disneyland in your heart every day?

* From Danielle Dowling, something most single girls need to hear: you will know Mr. Right

* For all of you recent grads, unemployed or just feeling lost people, that lost feeling can be a gift and here’s why

* Is this week going to be stressful? Here are some tips to get through a stressful week

* Switching careers? Awesome! Here are some valuable tips from expert career changers

* Thank you for this reminder of how to be perfect in one hour a day (it’s simpler than you think)

* This is an absolutely beautiful wedding from one of my favorite blogs. Way to make an outdoor space look so intimate and inviting!

* Peach and cinnamon breakfast rolls? That’s my kind of delicious breakfast treat!

* I love the wonderful reminders from Megan of Charade to find yourself again when you’re single. A must read even if you’re not single!


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