Fall Fashion Cravings

Let's go 70s style!

It seems like only yesterday I was lying on the beach, watching the waves crash in and digging my toes into the sand. It might not have been yesterday but it’s only been a week since I last wore my bikini and now a cold front has pushed in and I’m thinking about pullovers and jeans. That’s the way September goes but I must confess that I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to wear this fall before this. Though I love my shorts and strappy tops, there’s something comforting and cozy about fall knits, long pants and boots. I’m channeling some icons of the 60s and 70s: Ali MacGraw, Goldie Hawn, and Bridgette Bardot. That fun, sexy, casual elegance that is slowly coming back into fashion but really never left.

What I’m craving for this fall is carrying over those loose, flowy tops from the summer and combining them with tights and skirts, cardigans and 70s style flare jeans. After a visit to the Lucky and Levi’s stores at the mall, I’m loving rich reds, dusty oranges and rusty browns. Native American prints with a high-end flare are colorful compliments that I’m searching for along with some old West button-downs. It’s a little early for it still but I’d love to add some chunky knits, especially ones to couple with my new skinny jeans, for those Saturdays spent at home working on my homework.

Fall Style 1
The above look would be perfect for work, though I’d probably add a pair of brown or dusty red tights. I love bright jewelry in turquoise, red, orange or jade to give that extra oomph to the washed out, dusty colors of fall. Don’t you just love those boots?! Mine just arrived in the mail last week and they’ve already ventured out with many compliments. They might be too casual for work but are easily replaced by this season’s must-have flat booties.
Fall 2011 Style 2
Apple orchards and pumpkin patches, I love fall activities! This is my go-to outfit for the fall: comfortable chambray with Levi’s skinnies, and wedge booties (but be careful in the fields!). A girl can’t go wrong by throwing on a scarf and I love the buttery yellow of this one. I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect floppy felt hat, either in this nice tan or a deep burgundy. As chic for the winter as a floppy straw hat during the dog days of summer.
Fall 2011 Style Look 3
As for my fall evening wear, I am channeling a perfect 60s look: mini dresses, crazy fun heels and bright simple jewelry. I might throw in a pair of crazy patterned tights but a sheer black never goes wrong. I’ve got to start practicing my cat’s eye and beehives.

I'd love to know what you think so leave a comment right below. Thanks for stopping by!

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