Summer Old, Summer New: Vintage Shopping Around Town

For some reason shopping for vintage items always seems better in the summer and fall. Probably because most items are stored in barns, found at flea markets or other sorts of outdoorsy places and it’s so much better not to freeze your butt off in a subzero barnyard. I had a lot of fun picking up little vintage pieces here, there and everywhere over the past few months. Here are some of my favorite purchases:

My cute recipe was found on Etsy (ok, so not trolling through antique shops or like but Etsy’s vintage selection is my fave!) and purchased for me by my mom for my birthday. I became fixated by the idea of a recipe box and wanted something with some character to sit on my future kitchen counter. Nothing is better than vintage advertising!

Church board letters

This is one of my favorite finds of the summer! These church board letters were found at Three Potato Four’s warehouse sale in Manayunk. We were going to do our whole name but thought it would be cute to just start with our first initials. And you have to love the ampersand. The warehouse sales only run the last weekend of each month and I’m kind of thinking we need to go back and get more letters.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

How adorable are these salt and pepper shakers! I have been searching since my first college apartment for a cute pair to grace my kitchen table. Since I do not currently have my own kitchen table, they are living on my bookshelf.

Wire Egg Basket

This yellow wire egg basket was found at the cutest vintage store in Lancaster, Pa. I’d been searching for a long while for something to hold my small yarn collection. My original thought was a locker basket but when I saw this basket I fell in love.

Carnival Chalk Poodles

My plan for these chalk dogs is bookends on a desk but right now they pretty much brighten up anywhere. They make me think of the collection of chalk dogs my mom had in our old house. She had a chalk bulldog that I loved, loved, loved so if you see one anywhere, please let me know!

Light Insulator

I’ve been wanting one of these insulators for a reeeeaaaallllly long time. Something fascinates me about their color and shape. This will be my new paperweight. I am currently hoarding small papers to put under it.


And finally, even though this wasn’t purchased in the summer but gifted at Christmas, I wanted to share this amazing 1960s match box. So sparkly, so petite, so perfect.


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