Happy Birthday Lemonade Stand!

While the title may say happy birthday today, my little blog actually turned one on September 1st. With all the end of summer festivities I unfortunately failed to recognize this momentous occasion. I have to say that I cannot believe it’s been a year already since I started writing this blog. The first post was about my love for the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia and since then I have been writing about anything and everything.

When I started writing The Lemonade Stand, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about but I knew I wanted to blog. I tried writing my own blog before but it always turned out intensely personal, too personal for anyone but me to get anything out of it. What I know now was that my vision was to write about the things I find interesting in the hopes that other people will find them interesting too. So many of the blogs I love to read have a great mixture of the things they love, their perspective and wonderful writing. This is the mixture I am still working on everyday as I continue to blog. I want people to see who I am and what makes me excited and do it in such a way that it sparks something in them to discover their world and share it with others.

I want The Lemonade Stand to be about me, but me in a wider sense: a young woman exploring her world and finding some really great things. Life is different post-college, everyone’s path through life is unique, and I want to share my perspective of what it’s like to be 24 years old and figuring it all out. The other part of The Lemonade Stand is giving advice and insight into what I’ve found works for me. When I write, I imagine I am talking about life with my girl friends, sharing all the new and exciting things we are learning on our adventures.

My only regret about The Lemonade Stand is that I have not written more. This blog has renewed my love of writing more than I could have imagined and I wish I could devote more time to it. Though the silver lining to this cloud is that I’m not writing because I am working towards my great life goal of becoming a teacher.

I believe that The Lemonade Stand is something that I was dreaming of when I set out to conquer the world post-college. It’s become a big part of me and I believe it’s changed my world view a great deal. I hope that I have showed even a few readers something new and I want to keep sharing my adventures with you for many more years to come.


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