Dining, Dating and Dressing Good

Dress: H&M
Bangles: vintage
Bag: Martin Margiela
This is what I wore last Saturday when my boyfriend and I ventured into University City for date night. Always fans of good deals, especially on food, we discovered it was University City dining week (running now until July 28th) and just had to try one of the restaurants listed. Each one has a specific prix fixe menu with a certain price, anywhere from $15-30, and it’s a fabulous way to try restaurants you might have otherwise overlooked. It was also the perfect remedy for another date night. When you’ve been going out for almost two years, you sometimes just want to stay at home in your pjs and watch 30 Rock. But believe me, it really makes a difference to get dressed up and try something new with your hunny.

4443 Spruce Street, Philadelphia

The restaurant we tried was so much fun and just right for what we were looking for. Rx Restaurant is located in what’s basically a residential area on a corner and looks like your regular neighborhood bistro. The interior echoes the Victorian buildings that make up most of West Philly’s neighborhoods so I was in heaven. And there was even a vintage Coke machine in one corner!
With UC dining days going on, we were able to try a little bit of everything, from a starter to a dessert, for just $25. The best thing about Rx was that everything on their menu was included; an incredible deal! While everything looked good, I went for the calamari to start, followed by butternut squash risotto and finishing it all off with a fried apple pie a la mode. I cannot resist an apple dessert no matter where I go. The boyfriend started with a butter lettuce salad then the hanger steak and the most delicious chocolate bread pudding. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time, a real stand-out meal. My calamari was so good served over lettuce in a balsamic vinagrette and then the risotto was parfait. It included hazelnuts and roasted garlic chips and parmesan sprinkled liberally over the top. Every bite was rich and heavenly and now I’m craving it. My boyfriend’s steak was so soft and buttery and that I had to steal a few bites. Dessert was not to be outdone: the fried apple pie was like a better version of McDonald’s cheapie but so much more gourmet and the bread pudding was like eating soft and doughy chocolate. Even though my stomach was stuffed to the top, I kept eating the bread pudding until I thought I would fall to the floor. Needless to say, if you are in Philadelphia and wanted to try something a little out of the way but oh-so-very-delicious, go to Rx. I’m serious.

my fried apple pie, delicious!

Full of good food, we ventured down to Old City to go to the Ritz movie theater and see “Midnight in Paris”. It’s the third time for me and every time I see it I love it more. All in all, a perfect dinner, a perfect dress, a perfect date!

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