Let Spring Bloom in Your Room

This week, there was a sprinkling of snow on the ground. Snow. on. the. ground. Didn’t Mother Nature get the memo that spring officially began at 7:21pm on Sunday?! I am so over this whole winter thing. What I really can’t wait for this spring is all the beautiful flowers that bloom everywhere. I think I might have even seen a few crocuses popping up on my ride home from work. Wouldn’t you love some pretty and colorful little blooms brightening up your home ahead of when they bloom in nature? This weekend, to replace my hot pink tinsel winter wreath adorning my bedroom door, I made a colorful rose blossom covered letter K so everyone knows who this sanctuary belongs to. This craft was cheap and easy and perfect for a lazy hour or two when you want to start dreaming of bike rides and picnics.

To make your rosebud letter you’ll need: one to two rolls of crepe paper in the color(s) of your choice, a hot glue gun and many extra sticks, a cardboard box, scissors or an exacto knife, and pretty ribbon.

Begin by cutting out your desired letter from the cardboard box. My K was very angular and the perfectionist in me necessitated a ruler. Be careful when you’re cutting the letter out, especially if your knife skills are lacking.

Once the letter has been cut out, begin making your first rose. Start by taking a strip of crepe paper, about 12-24 inches long. The length of the strip of paper will determine the size of your bud. Scrunch up your paper to give it some texture.

Next, fold the crepe paper in half. Begin rolling the paper into a tight roll that will be the center of the rose. After a few rolls, begin twisting the paper as you roll it up. This will start to create your “petals” and give your rose some volume. Keep twisting and swirling the petals around the center and the rose should get fuller and more rose-like.

When you get to the end, grab your glue gun and put a good amount of glue on the letter where you’d like to start. Press the rose firmly down into the glue but be careful not to squish the rose too much. Make sure to tuck the end of the paper under the rose but you can always conceal it under the next rose you put on.

Continue to roll up your roses and glue them down to the letter. If you are using more than one color, you can make a pattern or place them randomly. I did mine randomly and really like the effect. You can make the roses bigger or smaller to cover up the whole letter. Bunch the roses together so you don’t see any of the cardboard underneath.

Here’s what it looks like finished:

I glued some sparkly ribbon and hung it up on my door. Beautiful and it feels like spring already! The total cost of this project was no more than $6, since the cardboard was free and I already had the glue gun. Super easy, super cheap and super springy! Now you just have to wait for the real thing to bloom outside your door.



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