Take Down a Bad Morning

Part of my resolve to have a better year is to eliminate my bad mornings. There’s a reason every cereal and breakfast food commercial professes to start your day off right: the morning is the most important part of your day. It sets the tone for the rest of your day, right through work, play and relaxing. We all know that when you have a bad morning, it takes a whole lot of work to repair the damage. You’re cranky and moody and work seems to drag on and on. It’s harder to cope with traffic and waiting for a table at a restaurant and late friends. We can’t get rid of the morning but we can definitely tackle the problem.

Making your morning better takes a little bit more effort than being a grouch who needs her coffee. If you want to have a great morning you have to make small adjustments. You know how it takes a lot of work to repair the damage of having a bad morning? Putting in the time and effort to make your morning a good one ensures that you’ll have to put in less effort to be happy, prepared and satisfied the rest of the day.

First, plan it out. How do you want your morning to go? Do you want to be rushing around and barely out the door in time for work? I can’t believe that would be anyone’s choice. So plan out your morning the night before. If you can never think of what to wear, do a fashion show in the evening and lay it out. It might feel a little elementary school but your mom had a good thing going and she got you out the door in time. Get everything you need for the day together and in a place where you’re going to remember it. It eliminates a lot of morning stress that can make you cranky for the rest of the day.

Then, avoid doing work before work. Sometimes it’s tempting to see what you have in store for you for the rest of the day. But a lot of the time it gets your mind racing and can start off the day with bad feelings. Don’t check your emails or worry about the presentation you have to give until you pull into the parking lot or step off the train or bus. Home should be your sanctuary, especially in the morning. So keep work where it belongs: at work.

Make sure you eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal because it’s what fuels you as you get going on your day’s work. A good breakfast should energize you and prepare you for the day’s hurdles and tackles. I am notoriously not a breakfast person but I am working on committing myself to having at least a piece of fruit and a glass of milk to start my day. It’s an important component of a good morning so I’m going to make myself do it.

Make the morning yours. Reclaim the morning from its place as an extension of your job or a necessary evil before the better bits. Take it and own it by doing something that makes you happy. Spend a few moments meditating or writing in your journal, listen to your favorite power ballad or stare out the window. Whatever makes you feel happy and at peace will have a wonderful and powerful impact on the rest of your day.

A great day begins with a great morning so make yours fabulous. Do whatever you have to do to walk out that door and smile. If you want some more great tips for having a better morning, read Glamour.com’s 4 tips for a happier A.M.


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