My Favorite Movies of 2010

I got out to the movies quite a bit this year but unfortunately my movie taste is not so high brow as you might imagine. Hey, I get to go to the movies for free with my work so beggars can’t be choosers. The movies I did enjoy this year are definitely worthy of my enjoyment and I highly recommend renting them. Here’s the top five movies I saw this year.

1. Date Night: What could be better than Steve Carrell and Tina Fey? And yes, I did see this movie on one of my “date nights.” I just thought it was very funny and cute. Nothing to make you think too hard.

2. Despicable Me: I didn’t learn to really enjoy kids’ movies until this year but I really think they got smarter since I was in elementary school. This one was adorable: “so fluffy!”

3. Remember Me: A very important film for anyone who’s been growing up in this new millennium. It seems like an ordinary film until the end so beware…

4. The Social Network: It’s been said in reviews time and again, but this is definitely the movie of our generation. I didn’t think I’d be excited about a movie about Facebook but I can’t deny how intriguing the story is and how much I enjoyed it.

5. Waiting For Superman: Even if you’re not a documentary person, this one will grab your attention. This film addresses the American education system and what a disservice it’s doing to our nation’s children. Kind of cemented my decision to become a teacher. You must see this!


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