Monday Links to Love

Snow Day! Image courtesy of Blessed by the Potato


If you are in the Northeast, this Monday was either a great one (a snow day!) or a not-so-great one (driving to work on slippery, snowy, icy roads). I fall in the second category. That is why I changed into my favorite old leggings, big sweatshirt, grabbed a Coke, and am only doing things I enjoy. Like reminiscing about how wonderful Christmas was and surrounding myself with all the beautiful things my wonderful family and boyfriend got me. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and (hopefully) a cozy and safe snow day. Happy Monday!

* What an inspiring and gorgeous office space! I would get more work done if I worked here (or I would probably want to shop them all the time)

* Be selfish and make what you want come true

“Yup, passionate people are a little weird.” So be weird!

* If you haven’t checked out Gala Darling’s best of 2010, you should. My favorite: 50 Ways to Put the Light Back in Your Heart

* Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere always has awesome looking recipes. I so want to make these peppermint marshmallows for my hot chocolate

* Looking for a job? Maybe it’s hiding; here’s how to find it

* Super easy ways to impress everyone (something that’s not just important at the holidays)

* I love this excerpt from Danielle Laporte’s interview on world-changing writing


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