Monday Links to Love

guggenheim, nyc

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you ready for family, friends and turkey? Unfortunately this year I’m working both the day before and the day after Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited for all the food and getting to see my wonderful family. Then it’s all just a downhill rush through December until Christmas. Thank goodness I’m almost done with my shopping. I’m putting together some shopping guides for all of you who haven’t quite picked up something for everyone on your list. Look for those in the next few weeks and of course lots more goodies! Happy Monday everyone!

* Really enjoy Michelle of When I Grow Up Coaching and its interesting to understand why someone uses a life coach

* If I have a free moments before Christmas, I’m making my very own art journal

* Love Rachel Denbow’s blog Smile and Wave and you should too, for all its cuteness and stylishness and vintage awesomeness

* I love pies!

* You’re not entitled to anything except what you deserve

* Will you be doingthis honest life review?

* And would you get rid of your accent?

* Great article by Thomas Friedman for the NY Times about what we need to change about the education system. I love the idea of elevating the teaching profession and South Korea calling their teachers “nation builders”

* If you were the best in the world, how would you behave?


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